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Childbirth Classes‚Äč


Gwen Kocher RN, PNC(c)

 Gwen has spent the last 16 years of her 31 year nursing career caring for women during their pregnancy and birth. She has helped and supported countless women and their families during birth as they welcome their new babies into the world. She really enjoys supporting and educating parents as they work through their labor and learn about their new baby. Gwen has also enjoyed a part time role as a prenatal educator for the last 5 years.

Cathy Lowe RN, BScN, IBCLC

Cathy has enjoyed the last 30 years of her nursing career working with childbearing women during their labor and birth. She loves birth process and can't imagine not being part of such an amazing experience. She believes that as each woman is different so are their ideas and thoughts about pregnancy, birth and parenting. It is important to Cathy that women are aware of their options and have access to appropriate evidence based information in order to prepare for their new arrival. Cathy is a certified lactation consultant and believes that prenatal breastfeeding education is paramount to breastfeeding success.